SE Sistafest II – 8-10 June 2018, Oxon

So what’s this Something Else Sistafest all about?
It’s just another SE – same solar powered shenanigans, same crew, same live music, no DJs, no healing, family friendly, dog friendly, no bullshit, grassroots formula, but all of the acts playing across the 3 stages over the 3 days will be female or female led.
Why? Because despite the grassroots being about equality, music wise it’s seriously imbalanced.
I’ve spoken to promoters who tell me the talent just isn’t out there, or the ladies aren’t putting themselves out there, along with a variety of other excuses as to why their line-ups are male dominated.
Well, me darlins, I know a HUGE array of talented ladies on the grassroots, I’ve also spoken with lots of them about how they’ve faced blatant sexism when applying for gigs. The sheer lack of balance in most line-ups also affects the confidence of hugely talented young women. It has to change.

Promoters and organisers take note of these bloody amazing acts and all the others out there ando put more thought into the balance of your own future line-ups. I know it’s working already.
Is this a festival just for ladies then? Don’t be daft. ALL genders and those that don’t identify are as welcome as ever.

Sing out sistas! ♥

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